Our school age teachers are highly qualified, dedicated professionals. They are passionate about working with children and participate in a variety of professional development opportunities throughout the year. At Nurturing Knowledge School, our teaching staff serve as positive role models and mentors for our students, teaching through a hands on, project based approach, which reflects our students’ passions. The culture of our classrooms is one of mutual respect, collaboration, and cooperation among students and staff.

Parent Partnership

Our program teachers work closely with parents and families to connect, communicate, and understand the individual needs of each and every student. Families are provided a weekly newsletter including: a curriculum and snack schedule, important program happenings, and a reflection of our week’s shared experiences.

We value family involvement in our programs. Parents and other loving caregivers are an appreciated component of Nurturing Knowledge School through sharing professional experiences with students and taking part in our programming. In turn, our families trust and enjoy our staff as well as our commitment to each student.